Behind the Scenes

dance photoshoot

Behind the scenes 

Ever wondered what goes into a dance photoshoot?  Depending on the individual dancer, location and photoshoot, will determine which approach I use, but in general the principals remain the same. 

It's so important to get the settings right in camera for the shoot, dancers move quickly and if the settings are wrong, hands and feet become blurred, this then has to be balanced with the correct exposure, so sometimes natural light can suffice if the quality is good, which I love working with, otherwise I would implement the use of strobes.  I adore the natural light in these central Edinburgh studios where we filmed the short dance video below; filled with natural light and an abundance of space to dance and capture movement!

I often ask dancers to repeat movements again and again, just so I get the perfect shot, at other times, we go with some free work.  This also allows me to see how the dancer moves and often I can take one of those movements and refine it for the camera.  For the more creative shots, I often ask dancers to move in ways, which although may not be technically correct, look great on the camera!   

I generally offer a selection of movement and still work.  I love capturing movement, light flowing skirts and jumps are among my favourite moments to capture! 

The video hopefully shows you what is involved in the shoot, what can be done with video and the different styles, which can be incorporated into your shoot.

Examples of movement


Examples of technique


Examples of dance poses (still)